Why buy a Chubbeez

ChubbeezV2 & ChubbeezVIP are community driven projects focused on bringing positive like-minded individuals together into one space. What happens when one person supports another? Great things happen! Imagine what we will do when 3333 Chubbeez get together. Our goal is to build the center piece hub in the passive earning NFT market. These NFTs are extremely affordable at just 0.033 eth each which makes them very accessible worldwide. This gives you an awesome pfp, staking capabilities, Whitelist opportunities, Dealer Casino Rights, Enhanced Scholarship Rates and a life time stay to the best community out there. You will also be able to vote in any decisions within the community in regards to play to earns, community wallet pickups and charity donations. 

Chubbeez Gaming Club on Solana are minting for $5. Obtain points in discord for holding,  & vote in the community DAO! Spend your GC points on cool items such as games, whitelists, gift cards and more! 
There is a total of 3333 Chubbeez within the Solana Ecosystem. All information will be integrated on new website coming up. More utilities will be announced in the future for ChubbeezGC.


We tried to make the Chubbeez as fun and exciting as possible! With that being said, you will find over 85 traits available with a few legendaries in the mix. The top 333 on the rarity rankings will generate more $CHUB daily ultimately increasing your passive income.  Here are some examples of our Chubbeez! 

Plaid Chubbeez (Rare)
Army Chubbeez (Rare)
Airbrushed Chubbeez (SR)
Plaid With Traits
Army With Traits
Airbrushed With Traits

Meet Our Team

EMU | Discord Community Manager
SIILVER | Giveaway Lead
BIRDMAIN | Head Moderator
COLDPIZZA | Dragos Founder | Neo Tokyo Holder | Marketing
JGRESS | Security | Translator



Commonly asked questions among the Chubbeez community. 

3333 total editions will be made in the first sale. 3000 will be up for sale with 150 going to marketing and prizes, 33 going to the team and 150 are being airdropped to the holders of BitChubbies V1. Limited edition drops will happen at random allowing you to spend your staked coins on upgrading your current NFT to further it’s rarity and earning rate or you can choose to sell your $CHUB on the market. 

The easiest way to earn more is by owning multiple Chubbeez. Limited edition drops will be available which allow you to merge your NFTs together on the website to spit a new image out with a new rarity. The earnings will also go up when you merge multiple NFTs together. All of this will be able to be done on our website. 

You will be able to buy from multiple second hand markets once we have launched. If you buy on the second hand market before the giveaways, you are still eligible to win even if you are not the first minter. The person who sends in the google form with the correct information to claim their prize will get it sent to that address. 

48 hours after mint you will be able to reveal your Chubbeez! They will be listed on RarityMon and OpenSea right after mint!

You will be able to stake your Chubbeez to earn $CHUB which you can use to mint limited edition NFTs to further your rarity rankings and earnings or you can sell the $CHUB on the market. 50% of the initial sale money will go towards keeping the coin stable, adding liquidity to $CHUB and adding other assets to the community wallet. Five land plots will be bought on Bit Hotel  to allow holders to take bets within our casino’s. This will allow them to turn assets in Bit Hotel that they can sell to other players or start up their own business. This is the start to building the community wallet as many assets will be added across the different chains to ensure longevity of the project. We have plans to buy multiple game licenses in the future and it starts here. ( All holders will benefit )

Royalties will be set to 7% to ensure we have enough capital to do buy backs and burns. All $CHUB spent from limited edition drops will be burnt. One in every four drops for limited editions will cost Solana to buy. This allows us to have more capital to work with and allows us to make some money without dumping our own coin. ( We want it to be as healthy as possible. ) 

The Chubbeez Gaming Club  consists of 3333 total Chubbeez within the Solana Ecosystem. Each Chubbeez mints for $5 on Solana and mints to previous holders first. Holding on Solana grants you Chubby Coin in discord which allows you to spend it in our Chubby store.  You may find games, WL opportunities, gift cards, merch and other fun gear within the store. Holding these will also allow you vote in the community DAO and have more say on future investments for the company based on your role. More utilities to come as time goes on! Who doesn’t like free stuff! Mint a ChubbeezGC today!